Cancer Research & Genetics UK are donating £10,000 to purchase equipment for Dr Helen Pearsons Research into prostate cancer genetics and treatments at Cardiff Universitiy European Cancer Stem Cell Research.

New research has uncovered insights into the mechanisms that underlie prostate cancer, providing potential targets for new cancer therapies. There is more information online here and you can watch a video of Dr Helen Pearson explaining the research here.

Our donation will help support the University’s research into understanding how genetic alterations contribute to prostate cancer growth and will gain further insight into how prostate cancer develops resistance to current treatments. This contribution will enable the University to purchase an essential piece of equipment to rapidly and efficiently homogenise prostate tissue samples, which is necessary for isolating genomic material for analysis. Once isolated, we can measure if genes are up regulated or down regulated in response to a genetic alteration or treatment. By identifying changes in the genome of prostate tumours, we hope to discover new therapeutic strategies and biomarkers that will ultimately improve our management of patients with prostate cancer.


Dr Helen Pearson
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