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Charity No.

The charities registered number
is: 1121512


Welcome to our Cancer Research and Genetics UK website which is a registered charity number - 1121512. The site has been created to provide a one stop reference guide on Cancer, Research and its Genetic links.

It is totally volunteer driven and welcomes support and contributions to provide vital direct funding for research into cancer. In conjunction with its sister charity Bowel Cancer Wales set up by Nick Phillips in memory of his wife Marcia who died of the disease at the age of only 45.

Tragically my family and I were unaware of the Genetic familial predisposition to cancer and therefore campaign nationally for more awareness, earlier screening and improvements in cancer care to what exists in the UK today.

We are also members of the European Cancer Patient Coalition.

Latest News

16/11/14 - Cancer Research Genetics have donated £10,000 to the work of Professor Philip Rudland at Liverpool University who is looking at the identification of genetic changes that promote the spread of cancer in the body.

More on our News page.

5/11/14 - Cancer Research Genetics have made a donation of £10,000 to the work of Professor Alan Clark and the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, based at Cardiff University.

More on our News page.

28/7/2011 - Cancer Research and Genetics UK are currently regularly donating to Professor Alan Clarke and his European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute (ECSCRI) based at Cardiff University.

30/4/2011 - Cancer Research and Genetics UK are currently donating regularly to Professor Julian Sampson's Cancer Genetic Research work at Cardiff University.

1/1/2011 - Cancer Research and Genetics UK are working in collaboration with Recycle Proline LTD a company based in Liverpool who are donating funds regularly to the charity which is directed into Cancer Research and Genetics and to the charities objectives and aims.


To find out more about recent research into various cancers click here.

Just Text Giving by Vodafone

To donate via text amounts of up to 10.00 send a text to the following number 70070 quoting code CRGK01. e.g. - CRGK 10.

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