Donation to colorectal cancer at Cardiff University

Cancer Research and Genetics UK’s generous £10,000 donation to Cardiff University will be used to fund a Nano Photometer Spectrophotometer and two freezers for Matthew McKenna’s research project into treatments for colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer is a major health issue worldwide, usually treated with surgery, radiotherapy, or drugs.  Cardiff’s researchers are interested in how the body handles these drugs. In some other cancers, certain proteins, which are called ‘transporters,’ are really important for treatment. We do not know much about their role in colorectal cancer yet, but early studies suggest they could be key in determining how a patient responds to their treatment. The research could improve the way colorectal cancer is treated, offering patients more effective, personalised care and a better chance at a longer, healthier life.

Your support

The success of our project hinges on hinges on the availability of precise and reliable equipment which your donation will be used to fund.

A Nano Photometer Spectrophotometer

A Nano Photometer Spectrophotometer is important for accurately measuring the concentration and purity of nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and proteins. This device operates on the principle of spectrophotometry, which involves measuring how much a target absorbs light by passing a light beam through it. It is essential for our lab’s operation and will give accurate readings and ensure the integrity of our limited tissue samples.

Two high-specification freezers

These will house an extensive collection of invaluable research materials, including donated and commercial cancer cells, tissues, and various samples needed for our research. These -80°C freezers are equipped with an auto-defrost feature which will protect our samples from risk of damage or loss from temperature fluctuations and degradation. They will preserve the scientific, economic, and ethical value of our resources.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Cardiff University Donation
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