Cancer Research Genetic’s have made a donation of £10,000 to the work of Professor Alan Clark and the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, based at Cardiff University.

Professor Clark feels that this money would bring significant benefit to ECSCRI and the research that is undertaken therein. At the moment the Institute is looking to purchase the following hi-tec equipment:

  • Fluorescence unit and camera/PC upgrade for the Olympus microscope, this would bring all 3 within the institute up to the same standard (Alan is awaiting a formal quotation but expects the cost of it to be approx. £10,000-£12,000)
  • Sartorius NC-3000 High spec. automated cell counter at £26,500 or (lower spec) NC-200 at £10,500 (currently there is only a basic counter in the Marcia Phillips Tissue Culture Lab).


European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute

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