Cancer Research Genetics UK are donating £10,000 to Dr Esther Baena and her research into Prostate Oncobiology at Manchester University. The University is linked closely to Christie Hospital Manchester.

The goal of the Prostate Oncobiology group is to advance our understanding of cancer signalling pathways and to identify tumour-initiating cells. A central challenge in cancer research is the identification of cancer patients whose disease will eventually progress to the lethal stage. Due to the cytogenetic complexity of epithelial cancers, little is known about their origins and the steps required for progression from local to advanced disease.

The donation will enable them to purchase cancer genetic research eguipment. The machine will sort through the tissue samples they get from the hospital much faster than can be done by a human. This will mean they get more cells, of better quality and greater viability for growing in the lab – all aimed at ultimately genetically identifying those patients whose prostate cancer is showing most worry genetic traits of growing really quickly.

Manchester University is linked to the Christie Hospital Manchester which is Europes largest single site cancer centre.


Prostate Oncobiology

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